I love when fun things like this happen…

…tomorrow morning my long-time friend and colleague from my theatre days, clothing and costume designer, Dale DiBernardo has to gets to travel to New York City for a quick trip to handle some business for a new show she’s designing for. When she got the call from the director about the impromptu trip, we were in the car together. We were on the way back from shopping for fabrics for the costumes she’s making for Jon and I for the Red Death Masquerade Ball at the Civic Theatre on 10/30 (more on that later… but check out the link now if you’re looking for an interesting, cool thing to do on Halloween weekend!)

Anyways, here’s how the conversation went as soon as she hung up the phone…

“So I don’t suppose you could go to New York Monday and Tuesday?”

“Ummm…hecks yeah I can go!”

So, just like that we’re off to The Big Apple tomorrow morning. I have no agenda for what all I’ll do with my 24 hours in my favorite inspiration city while she’s off working, but I reckon I’ll post photos of whatever that ends up being.