Quick New York Trip

Hi there! Well, it was a whirlwind trip but I was so happy that it worked out for me to join my friend Dale on her trip to New York City Monday and Tuesday. What a great break in my routine…I’ve been so Akron-focused the past few months with opening Hazel Tree and haven’t traveled anywhere in a good, long while.

I always find such amazing artistic inspiration in New York City and this time was no different. I was so happy to find an architectural salvage store called Olde Good Things that I had been craving to see ever since a client of mine mentioned the store a few months back. Holli brought it up way back when because their ”big a$$ mirror” (as it was so lovingly referred to during the design process) came from the store. I love that mirror, made with upcycled art deco tin tiles as the frame, so I was super happy to stumble across the store it came from as I wandered the streets of Manhattan Monday. Below is a picture of ”big a$$ mirror” to give you an idea of what they had at Olde Good Things, because remarkably I didn’t take one single photo while I was in there!!! Drat!

Anywhooo, if you’re interested in seeing some moments captured on film, here are a handful of pictures I took while we were on the road and in the city.