Meet Laura Lee Wack

Laura Lee walked into Hazel Tree about two weeks after we opened. She saw the article in the Akron Beacon Journal and was interested in the type of design we were doing and the showroom concept we had just started.

This bright, happy gal bounced on in one afternoon and told us about her recent degree from Akron U, and how she focused a lot of her energies there learning about the world of sustainable interior design and architecture. She hung out for a long time that afternoon, talking with Jon and me about all sorts of things. We filled her in on what we were all about, what we were working toward – and she got it (us) right away. She understood what we were trying to do with redesign and repurposing…and when I asked her what her strong suit was when it came to design, she said, “Well…I actually do what you do. I’ve been repurposing for years!”

Excellent! A kindred spirit…

Soon thereafter, Jon and I became determined to help her in any way we could as she started out in a career that there are very few opportunities to break into these days.

And, since that day, Laura’s been our biggest cheerleader! She, her family and friends are huge supporters of us - and what we’re working on building at Hazel Tree in the coming months (more on that soonish.)

She is a huge help when we need a helping hand (see picture below!), a great person to bounce ideas around with, has a very sharp design and style sense, and turns out she’s mighty handy with a paintbrush too (more on that soonish too.)

She also really cracks us up, knows what I’m gonna say before I say it most times, makes up sign language with me, and has the cutest little boy who simply loves hanging out with our cutest little girl.

If all goes as we think it will, we plan to hire her as our first employee real soon.

Yep, she’s great. And today is her birthday.
Happy birthday, lady!

One hundred.