New beginnings

New beginnings. Seems my life is all about this lately. In the last handful of months there have been a lot of them: Starting my own business in the fall, launching this shiny new website today (on March 1 – a month that seems to always bring new beginnings to my life), new players and collaborators, lots of new opportunities for me to muse on. Turns out, after all these years I figured out that new beginnings are actually my purpose. You could say I’m in the business of peddling and pushing them. Look at the top of the page and you’ll see that my tag line even mentions it, “fresh new spins for homes, work spaces, restaurants and retail”.

Yes, new beginnings in any creative and collaborative form….I love them so and for many reasons, like: they are full of energy and potential and fun and excitement. (I’m in! These are all things that I prefer to have in my life.)

The concept of redesign is also fairly new to the interior design world, and my approach and style is new to this neck of the woods. When I tell people what I do, they are excited about this new way to look at their spaces, and even more excited that they can actually afford to get professional design help. An affordable interior designer? Yep, that’s new!

Repurposing, restaging, reinventing, rearranging, recycling, rehabbing…starts out old, ends up new.

And you may be new to me too. If so: Hello there! Nice to make your acquaintance. Thanks for your curiosity, I hope we have the chance to partner on a redesign together to give your home or work space a new beginning. Please sign up for the blog to keep track of what I’m cooking up. I do believe it will be worth the price of admission.

And finally, a note about how I plan to use this new blog. As my life is one giant blur of how I work and how I play, this blog will most likely reflect that as well. No, I don’t plan on posting about my new kitten’s eating habits necessarily, all entries will be tied to my work and my passions stemming from my work. But, I reckon I will constantly be hopping back and forth, smearing the line. If that sounds good, please sign up to get the blog via RSS or via email. It will land in either of those places one or two times a week.

A gigantic heap of gratefulness

I have been incredibly fortunate to have the guidance of a small group of trusted and amazing people along this wacky new business and website journey. I’d like to thank them now and give them great big virtual hugs!

Jon Haidet, my husband, trusted right-hand, and adb-alerter. Thank you for your patience, love, and for not minding one bit as you pick up all the little details I really don’t have time hate to do.

My sister, Ann Starr (aka Mamaw D. Jamma), who knows me better than anyone in the entire world. Thanks for providing constant, sage advice in both life and business as I’ve navigated this path. You (and your mad editing skills) have kept me focused and on the right track all along.

My friend and marketing guru, John Bryson. You’ve heard it all, man. Thanks for always rolling with it, and for never hesitating to offer your professional guidance, brilliant notions and direction. You let me babble far longer than anyone else would have. You have no idea how much I appreciate that.

Danielle LaPorte, I have her and her signature fire starter session to thank for the spark and the nudge that continues to inspire and lift me to this day. I have learned A LOT of business lessons from this woman: both what to do, and what the hell to stay away from. D, if you are ever back in Akron, I hope that you’ll come over for dinner.

Sarah Bray, my web designer whiz bang optimistic encourager. Your patience is astounding and your talent is the stuff of greatness. Gee, you are swell. I love working with people who also inject smiley faces into their emails as much as I do. :)

Big hugs and kisses and thanks also go out to my family and friends, The Village, my trusted mentors, and all my new clients for your help and encouragement as I started this business. With you believing in me, I could actually heed Joe Dirt’s advice: Keep on keepin on.

Mwah! xo