Before and after - A Woman's Whimsy Boutique

Congratulations go out to Linda Lyell, my client and the owner of A Woman’s Whimsy, a boutique and gallery housing the creative work of local women artisans. Yesterday, after about two months of planning and work on the space, Linda opened her doors for business!

Special Linda-only note: Well done, girlfriend! I had a blast working with you. Thanks for the fun and laughter and opportunity! (P.S. It’s Swedish, daaarling!)

Folks, if you’d like to stop in, A Woman’s Whimsy can be found at 4964 Akron Cleveland Road in Peninsula. She’s open Tuesday through Saturday. Phone number is 330.814.0150. Until you can pop over there and see for yourself though, here are some shots of the space!

As I do with all of my projects, I encourage working existing things into the design versus buying new. Linda and her husband had fun finding the white table that sits in front of the window at an antique store.

The lighting for the store was a perfect, well-priced solution from Ikea. The sexy look of chrome and black was just as great as the fact that each lamp pivots and turns so Linda gets focused pools of light any way she wishes.

One of my favorite repurposed elements in the design came when I located the glass slab shelves from a colleague who unloads the content of old retail stores and the like. Ten 3/4″ thick turquoise-tinted slabs were made into the wall shelves by incorporating locally-welded brackets. Two 6′ glass slabs and a rusty old Singer sewing machine base make up what is now Linda’s desk.

The lovely little term “muse” has stuck with us throughout the entire project and referenced in lots of fun ways for us. So, imagine my surprise when I located the perfect carpet pattern to turn into the area rug and it was actually called (guess what?)… “Muse”

So there it is everyone! Make sure to stop out to see Linda in her new digs. And…keep your eye out for the post on my big news that I still can’t quite shout from the blogtop yet. But soon! Promise!