Our Story - Part 1...We've got huge news!

WHOOOOOWEEEEE are we excited!!!

It’s time to spill the beans! We’ve got news! Big news! Makes-me-keep-singing-the-Jefferson’s-theme-song-kind-of-news!

This is the first in a five-part series (one each day through Friday) telling the story of what that news is; how I got here with Jon, my hubby and partner; and what we imagine the future holds now that we’re here.

I’d like to start the story by introducing you to the two people who are the fuel for this fire I have. They are the underlying reason why I do everything I do. Aren’t they just beautiful? This photo was taken on 8/21 last year…we went away to a cabin with our closest peeps to celebrate Jon’s birthday and our easy breezy lives.


OK, here we go!

For the past year or so, Jon and I have had a dream in the back of our minds that one day we would both run our businesses under the same roof outside of our home, Jon as a picture framer and I as an interior designer. Even before my own design business became a reality, the dream of a shared business space was there. Our businesses are so similar in many ways and benefit from each other often, so it made perfect sense for us to create that pretty little picture in our minds…and one that included a room in the back where our daughter could come and do her homework after school. Over time, the dream grew and shrank, faded in and out of the realm of possibility, morphed and returned. There was always the eventual thought that we would do this, albeit a couple of years down the road. So we thought.

Well friends, that dream is happening now!

And not just the dream of Jon and I running our businesses under one roof. That we will do, yes. But this dream-turned-reality also includes a third element. A huge, awesome, like-no-other-place-around element. An element that came to me clear as a bell the very night I decided to start my own design business last May. An element that we thought was probably ten years down the road. But, as serendipity would have it, that timeline has been altered to suit her needs.

For now, those are the only details I’m spilling. There’s a story about this ride that’s in me and it wants to get out, so I’m going to tell it. I hope you’ll read along the rest of the week to hear it all, and on Friday I’ll reveal the best-ever-location and the one shining detail/key element to our approach with the space that we believe will have a beautiful impact on the local community.

How it began

So…last May I was laid off from the design studio I had the wonderful opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of this business in. I called Jon on my way home at noon. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hi! I’m on my way home to you.

Jon: Really? Why?

Me: I just got laid off.

Jon: Congratulations, babe.

See, about two years earlier Jon had been laid off from the picture framing shop he had worked at for almost 20 years. When he called me to tell me the news that day he said, “Guess I can finally start my own business!” And it was the same way with me. Even though I enjoyed working at that studio and I learned A TON about the biz, it was time for me to start building my own gig.

And so it began! For the rest of the afternoon, Jon and I danced jigs around the house (OK, maybe just me with the jigging), and talked about plans for the future as we saw it on that fresh, sunny afternoon. Later that evening, I went to visit BFFLarry to share the news. Larry and I have known each other since high school, and our lives have been beautifully intertwined ever since, in the coolest of ways, and always with an impeccable sense of timing.

So, I’m telling Larry all about what my plans could be, what I see as possibility….and here’s the kicker of what came to me that night:

“One day, I see a store with high ceilings and lots of wall space and little nooks and multiple levels where I can stage little vignettes of maybe a bedroom set here and a dining set there and there’s cool lighting fixtures and local artwork and locally-made redesigned furniture scattered about…”, and on and on and on. I even drew a sketch of it as it was coming to me, folks. I kid you not everybody – I sketched a space that looks almost exactly like the space we will be moving into shortly.

Funny about the big life dreams…sometime between then and October (when I caught a second wind and got my shit together again), I tore that piece of paper out of my trusted notebook and threw it away!! That is how far from a possibility this huge, beautiful dream had become at one point along this journey. It was so out of the realm of what I thought was possible that I threw the visual of my dream away. You see (or you will see if you read the story throughout this week), there have been moments since that first exciting day and night where I have let fear create doubt in myself and my abilities so much so that I almost stopped trying to build this business and went out and got myself a job again. I almost told myself I wasn’t up for the fight.


Thank you Universe, for not letting me let the fear win…

OK, so enough of that until tomorrow. But, before I go, I want to share with you my fortune from that night with BFFLarry (that didn’t get trashed, thankfully…in fact it made it to the next notebook once the first one was full, and it will make it to the third notebook when this one is full):