Nice to meet you, may I give you my card?

Hello friends! I’m back from a really lovely, really long weekend (holy cow, it’s Wednesday!?) spent with family and friends in honor of my sister’s birthday visit. Wow, did we have a blast, but I must say that I am really glad to be back in work mode! So much to do.

Things are moving along fine with our plans for the Norka Futon building, although we don’t have too much to update you on at this point (I know, I know…that is not as much fun as new tidbits!) We’re just plugging away with all the fun little details that go along with opening a new business in a new location with a huge, blank canvas on to which we can create whatever we dream up.

Wow. The thrill of that notion never gets old.

Lots has happened since I last blah-blah-blogged (as my friend Michelle would say) about the store last: We’ve decided on a name, we’ve figured out many more details of the plan, we’ve made lots of calls to enlist the help of our tribe. Turns out, a portion of the tribe involves a sweet, long-overdue homecoming that includes my favorite artistic collaborators from back in my theatre days (per usual: more on that later!) Boy, how I love charmed little full-circle things like that.

I was thinking that since so many of you are meeting me for the first time over The Internetz (as my brother Paul would say), I won’t get a chance to give you one of my cards. So, thanks to the magic of technology, I’ll give you a visual card instead!

Oh, how I love(d) my cards. They’ve treated me quite well since I got this party started. The description of what I do is printed on the back of the card and I always hand the card to people upside down so they can read it before flipping it over. The summary on the back was the first thing in print describing what it is that I do, so it means a lot to me. I’ll miss these cards when they’re gone. :)

And just because I was shutter happy, here’s another shot of something on my desk today that makes me smile.

Take good care folks, I’ll be talking to you next week most likely, as Jon and I are headed down to North Carolina for a work/play trip.

Until then (as my friend Jan would say)… make it a great day!