Taking care

Hello there! Before I jump into anything else, I just want to say a giant internet THANK YOU! for your support and excitement over the new location and business venture. Thanks for reading, thanks for the offers of help, and thanks for all the encouragement and excitement you are stirring up out there! You are fun to have along for the ride, I must say! I look forward to telling you more as it unfolds…until then we’ll be busy dreaming and figuring out, connecting and tweaking, going with the flow and making it so.

So my not-an-actual-twin-but-seems-like-it sister, Ann is coming for a visit this week! She’s packing her bags and leaving Austin for a short spell to enjoy a mini-vacation in Ohio. Here are a couple of photos of us and our good times in Austin from the last time we were together…

We had a passerby take the photo above as we were walking around Zilker Park. A few more steps down the path I took the one below…

Yep, we get pretty excited and happy when we get to see each other.

So, yay! Ann’s coming to visit. We get to celebrate her 40th birthday with her this weekend in the form of a big party Saturday, and then we get to rock out as her husband’s band T-Bird and The Breaks plays The Cleveland House of Blues with the band Galactic on Sunday night.

Awesomeness abounds!

The days leading up to her arrival are a fun concoction of current business stuff, new business stuff, lots of list-making, cleaning the house, learning more and more fun facts about the Norka Futon building (such as: it is the furthest structure west built in the original Akron plat, circa 1825-ish.) But most importantly and certainly the most fun for me, I’m turning my home office back into a comfortable guest room for my sister to relax in while she’s here.

So, I’m off to lay low, take care of business and enjoy the rest of the week, which is one of the few weeks left at a typical pace for us…before we really kick it into high gear around these parts.

I’ll see you soon!



P.S. Ahhh, short and sweet blog posts resume…