Gathering at Hazel Tree

Saturday night we had a little gathering at what will soon be Hazel Tree Interiors. We opened the doors to people who have expressed an interest in selling their art either via the showroom when it opens, or via my design business.

What a lovely group of people showed up! New friends and contacts were made and lots of good conversation started. Here are a few photos of the evening (and of the bare showroom floor now that all shelving and unnecessary walls have been removed!)

A fun mix of people: potter, cabinet maker, carpenter, furniture maker, photographer, welder, textile artist, furniture refinisher, mixed media artist, decorative painter, architect/designer, antique dealer, budding tinsmith, stone mason, etc.

A photographer, Terry, brought a book about trees to show us what she found when she looked up the hazel tree. Interesting words. But of course…

What you can’t really see on the ground: everyone is checking out and discussing a couple of metal scupltures that two artists brought in to show us. What till you see the likes of these on the showroom floor. Way cool…

A great time was had by all and we thank everyone who came out to join in the conversation (despite the yucky weather!)

If you missed it and you (or an artist or artisan you know) are interested in showing your work for consideration for the showroom, please email me at .

Grand opening date is 7/10/10! Mark your calendars!