A fun surprise on a rainy day

When I pulled in to Hazel Tree today, something on the front stoop of the store caught my eye. I couldn’t really tell what it was, all I could see from the angle I had as I turned the corner was that it was something metal.

When I saw what it was it made me smile…someone had left a gift for us on the stoop. No note. Just something they had or found, that made them think of us, and that they wanted us to have. They cared enough to lug this extremely heavy thing into their vehicle, over to the store and then up on to the stoop. Wow.

Whoever you are…thank you.

Thank you for not only caring enough to go through the trouble of getting it to us, but for another reason. You see, Jon and I were just talking yesterday about the living room vignette we’re preparing for the opening of the store…and this just so happens to be an uber-cool version of an item that was actually on my “to find” list for that vignette.

So, whoever you are: a million thanks…you made my day. :)