The first week at Hazel Tree

Hi friends! So here we are…on the other side of the ride we’ve been on for the past few months as we planted ourselves a big old Hazel Tree! We are now into our second week in business over here on West Market Street, and what a great first week we had.

We’ve seen lots of new faces; my design business has gained a new client each day since we opened and Jon has seen new customers for framing as well. We sold things a lot quicker than we expected and in all, we had a really fabulous opening week.

It was a wonderful affirmation, you know? Because when you launch into something like this, you just never know what to expect. All you can do is prepare, do your best and hope that people find it useful, interesting and exciting.

There were so many great moments leading up to and during the first week:

…the painting of the mural by long-time friend and collaborator, Kelly Tighe, and the magic he helped us spin in the showroom. People have called us and stopped in just to say thanks for painting the picture.

…opening day when so many of our family and friends showed up to support us. They lent helping hands thoughout the process and came to oooh and ahhh at what we created together.

…opening day when so many strangers showed up to support us!

…our local newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal, put the story of our new venture on the front page of the business section on opening day. They did such a nice job telling the story, and there have been a lot of people through the doors because they read about us in the paper that day. You can click here to read the article.

…new artisans and artists have found out about us and more pieces are arriving. We’re enjoying figuring out just what type of things to place in the showroom as we go along, and we knew this would be the type of thing that will grow and morph for a while, as people found us and get the vibe of what we’re selling here. As we begin, it’s about finding the pieces that fit the definition of ”that’s a Hazel Tree piece!” (meaning it’s some form of unique, beautiful, repurposed/redesigned, vintage, hand-crafted or with eco-friendly qualities.) All of this is part of the way we can provide beauty and function and connection for people’s homes and people keep telling us we’re off to a great start! We hope you’ll stop down and see for yourself if you haven’t already.

So! Here we are in the second week, trying to catch our breath a bit (although the Grand Opening bash is right around the corner on 8/7/10, so we can’t for long!), and I just wanted to pop in to say hello, tell you a bit about what’s been happening and thank you all for your support and the great reception we’ve had so far.

Until next time!