We're gonna be on TV, Mama!

Hey Mom! (and you all too!)

We’re gonna be on TV! The producer and camera man from The Robin Swoboda Showjust left, they came to film Jon and me for a segment in an upcoming episode. It will air sometime in the near future…we’ll let you know specifics once they send word to us.

We had a really great time today talking about the new business and all the artists involved…just another fun thing that Jon and I get to do together as partners in the new venture, Hazel Tree Interiors.

Amber is the producer for Fox 8 that found us a few weeks back and asked if they could come do a segment. She was out on the town and picked up one of the postcards for our Grand Opening Bash one night, she and her fiancee stopped in the next day…now here we are!

And today we got to meet Herb, camera man extraordinaire…

In other news…many of you have been asking for photos of the Grand Opening Bash and I promise I will do a post that includes pictures and stories from that magical night! Soon. There has been a flurry of wonderful activity surrounding us lately (the wedding of my little brother to one of my best friends!) and once it settles down, I’ll talk all about the Grand Opening night and hopefully have some pictures to accompany the story (Jon and I were so busy schmoozing, we didn’t take any photos ourselves!)

Until then…