Little Gestures

A client gave me a gift yesterday that was so thoughtful and pretty. I cutting from a plant in her garden called Love Lies Bleeding. It’s sitting on top of a mantle here at Hazel Tree and will stay there until it dies off. When that happens, I’ll lay it in the flower bed next to the store and hope it comes back next year from seed.

There are so many things I love about her little gesture and also love about the beautiful and interesting plant. I think my favorite thing though is the fact that if it comes back next year, it will grow right alongside the other flowers and plants that have been given and shared with us this year. Split from perennials of a friend’s grandmother, or from my mom and dad’s yard, from a client’s garden, from our garden at home…

I love this. The sharing of beautiful and interesting things, and the smallest gesture made can bring up smiles for years to come now. Thanks, C!

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope it’s a good one.

Lots of love,