Office Design - Nanotronics Imaging Ohio

Recently I had the pleasure of designing a new office space for a company called Nanotronics Imaging. The company, that develops high-resolution software for microscopes, has offices in New York City, Silicon Valley, and now...Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

In mid-2011, they made the decision to house their company's largest operation right here in Northeast Ohio, banking on the fact that the area is not only rich with beautiful landscapes and attractive travel resources for their global clientele, but also rich with tech talent.

I couldn't be happier to be the designer that brought the company's vision into their day-to-day work environment...where high-tech meets high-fun.

Below are some photographs of the project, followed by a link to an interview I did with the CEO of the company, Dr. Matthew Putman. In the interview, Matthew and I discuss things like materials used, my design philosophy and the color red. Enjoy!