Zero Landfill Akron starts Saturday!

Good news for all you creatives and arts educators out there! Zero Landfill is coming back to Akron this month.

The program’s mission is two-fold. First, to save as many expired interior design and architectural samples of things such as carpet, wallpaper, tile, paint chips and 3-ring binders from the landfills as they can. Second, through saving these hundreds of thousands of pounds of these samples, they encourage us to take a second look at what we can create with these materials missclassifed as waste.

The program supports many. It supports the work of local artists who incorporate the samples into their work. It supports arts educators by encouraging them to come pick up materials to take back to their classrooms for projects with the students. It supports anyone who has an idea for an art project (or sewing project, or landscaping project, etc.) that can use these things…it is open to anyone who will give these materials a second life.

So, if you want to check it out, they will be in Akron each Saturday this month from noon – 3:00. Address is 30 N. High Street, Akron. Follow this link for more details and information on the program.

So, get over there and get creative! The possibilities are endless.