clothing swap party - super fun recycling

On Monday night a bunch of fabulous ladies gathered over at Hazel Tree for our first ever clothing swap party. The idea for the event came when my fashionista friend Lauren Ward (who owns Noto clothing boutique) and I were having coffee a couple months ago.

I mentioned wanting to do a clothing swap party, she said she’d always wanted to do that too, and so we decided to do it! (I love friends who just say, “I’m in!”)

Well, it was a lot of fun! We sent out invitations a few weeks prior that included some swap party info and rules of etiquette:

“What is a clothing swap party?

A swap party is a chance to pick up new-to-you swag and relieve your wardrobe of stuff you don’t want. Those pants you waited too long to return, that impulse parka, the funky party clothes from college you can’t bring yourself to donate to Goodwill out of pure shame. Bring it and swap it for something thats more your style!

Please no damaged attire (we see you, pit stains) and everything must be clean.

Proper Swap Etiquette:

Thou shalt shop this swap like a regular store

Thou shalt return items to their original location

Thou shalt try on no more than 3 items at a time

Thou shalt respect all styles (these are the old clothes of attendees who may overhear comments)

Thou shalt take no more swap items than one brought

Thou shalt encourage and applaud the style of swap partners

Thou shalt have fun!

Please bring 1-10 items to swap (apparel, accessories and shoes).

If your last name starts with A-N please bring a snack to share. All last names O-Z please bring a beverage to share!”

And with that, we had a blast. Future swap party themes are in the works…a media swap including books, cds, dvds, etc. is most likely next. There was also a talk of a hand-made item swap party. Hmmmm…there are so many things you could do with this notion.

I highly recommend organizing your own swap party. It is a ton of fun and for the ladies who attended, I’ve heard that it was a lovely (free) boost to their Spring wardrobes.