Does the color suit you?

I met with a new client recently and one of the things we figured out during her design consultation was the selection of all new paint colors for her condo. When we were discussing the choices, I gave her a tip that I’d like to share with you here as well.

But first, a bit about how it came up!

For her paint selections, we started with the color in her master bedroom and worked our way across the floor plan selecting colors that were good for her.
For this particular woman, “Good for her” was:

* Honoring her earth-tone-girl nature. She is fond of soft, natural, clean bases of neutral color
* Introducing color here and there with the above. She needs the bulls-eyes of interest, like pops of color, to keep her smiling
* Choosing colors that would work off of the open-floor-plan-kitchen as it is now…she may or may not introduce new elements, such as new laminate counter tops and possibly painting the cabinetry, down the road.

So we began with looking at colors that were good for her. I took cues from things like: her answers to all of my not-so-random questions; the artwork on the walls to see what she gravitated toward; what the unchangeables were (unchangeables for her condo were things like ceiling height, carpet and tile colors, etc.)

The tip came up when we were in the area of her master bathroom where her vanity cabinet and mirror is - where she puts makeup on every day. I had narrowed it down to three color choices - based off of all the variables – and then I asked her to stand in front of the mirror while I held the color chips up to her face.

As soon as we saw the three choices near her face, the choice was clear. We selected the one that made her shine the most!

So the tip is this: when you are considering a paint color to surround you (or your whole family for that matter), hold the paint color chip up to your face(s) and look in the mirror. Does the color complement you and your complexion? Do you look and feel nice in it? Does it make you smile or grimace? Does it feel like a “you” color?

We don’t really give a lot of thought to that, especially if we see something we really love and try to replicate it in our homes…maybe we see a wall color in a magazine or on an HGTV show, in a friend’s house or in a hotel you stayed in somewhere. The fact with that is that paint colors don’t always translate well from one place (or vibe) to the next.

So take a good look at the colors you are considering, hold them up to your face and ask yourself, “Does the color suit me?”