What May 2011 looks like at Hazel Tree Interiors

Hi everybody! My sister in Austin keeps asking me to post photos of our latest showroom flip. So here it is, for her and for anyone else who can’t make it down to see the latest in person.

I will say that so much of the artwork currently on the walls is of such a level of detail and 3-dimensional-how’d-they-do-that?-coolness, that you really should come check it all out up close if you’re from the area. The photos of these artist’s work do not do their pieces justice (heck, I couldn’t even photograph the miniature 3-D resin pieces from Rosanne Smith!)

Anyways, if you are interested in more detailed information on something you see here, just send an email to inquire about artist, price or shipping.

Hope to see you soon. Thanks for reading!