World Domination Summit

One week from today, I’m headed to Portland, Oregon to spend the weekend participating in the World Domination Summit. I am beyond excited about this, folks! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time now because of what it is, who will be there participating and speaking, and what I think I will gain by being a part of it.

To explain a bit about where I’m headed, here are some words from the man who had the idea to make this thing happen, Chris Guillebeau:

(From the WDS website):
“In the face of overwhelming pressure to conform, how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

The World Domination Summit is no ordinary event. It’s not a retreat and it’s not a business mixer. And most of all, it’s definitely not a convention.

It’s an unconvention. The summit takes place in an art museum, a park, an independent bookstore, and all over the unconventional city of Portland. You’ll dine from food carts, just like the Oregon Pioneers once did. You’ll visit pubs and craft shops, hang out at the best coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest, and spend time thinking about unconventional approaches to life, work, and travel.

Most importantly, you’ll engage with like-minded people who are interested in pursuing big goals while changing the world. Speakers and workshop leaders will merge inspirational stories with practical info, showing how they’ve crafted their own adventures and helping you build yours.”

See why I’m so excited??? Next Friday I head out west to gather with big-thinking folks from around the globe and I’m gonna talk with about 450 of them about making good things happen in our worlds. I want to discuss how I can make a bigger difference with my work. I want to ask how they make a bigger difference with theirs. I’m gonna listen, learn, and explore these notions without fear (or I’ll push through that damn fear, anyways.) I’ll hear workshops from speakers and authors that I read daily (seriously, to see the list of speakers is like looking at a partial list of blogs I follow online), and I’ll be swimming in a sea of bigger-than-us thoughts and well-intentioned actions. Bliss!!!

To fully get what this summit is all about, click through to read Chris’s original post about it here.

Pretty cool, eh?

I think the thing I am most excited about is that I get to go at all. When Chris announced his plans, I immediately thought three things:

1. “Oh my gosh!! This sounds so amazing! I HAVE TO BE A PART OF THIS!”

(We had just started up Hazel Tree and the thought of spending that amount of money on attendance, flight, hotel, etc. seemed impossible at the time. The new venture was just too new at that moment to predict where we’d be financially when this rolled around. Happy to report we’re doing just fine!)

and then I thought:

3. “Wait a second…I know I’ll get to go. I’m just gonna put that intention out there and trust that the money will be made by the time this thing sells out.”

(By the way, that third thing totally happened. Of course!)

So, that’s where I’m headed next week after waiting nine months for it to roll around. I’ll share some of it with you all via the blog along the way, as many of my friends who also read the work of some of the speakers made me promise to do so.

So I guess I’ll start sharing my WDS adventure today by linking to another post by Chris Guillebeau that had a huge impact on me a while back. This is one I read on New Years Day of last year. This post, short and sweet, made my heart leap out of my chest and grin like the Cheshire Cat when I read it. It made me yell, “Hell yes!” and it catapulted me out of my spinning wheels mode and into the year that turned out to be monumental in my very own unconventional life. I read this post at the beginning of our making-of-Hazel-Tree-year: click through to read it.