WDS - Folks I'm excited to meet...Karen Walrond

As I mentioned the other day, I’m heading to Portland, Oregon for the World Domination Summit this weekend. Ummm, one second please whilst I get something out…
Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! So incredibly excited!

OK, thanks. That felt great. So I’ve been looking forward to meeting the different people who will be there speaking. A good amount of the speakers at the summit are people I follow online regularly…I have enjoyed their stories via their websites and have benefitted from their wise words many times over the years.

One of the folks I am very excited to meet is Karen Walrond, aka Chookooloonks. This is her…

I first discovered Karen via Momversation a couple of years ago. I was smitten with the fact that she had left her career as an attorney to start a new one as a blogger/photographer. She is smart and funny, a great photographer and a very caring soul.

Karen’s blog, Chookooloonks.com, is truly a treat for the senses while it brings a smile to your face. Every post involves some of her amazing photography, an accompanying song of the day at the end, and the posts are almost always overflowing with hope, love and an amazing zest for life.

The posts that aren’t like I just described? Well, they take on some serious-to-her issues and have a focus on what’s right that fuels them. Man, can she get folks to take action with her. Check out a couple of those examples here and here.

She writes often about beauty, about photography, about women, about motherhood. She focuses on and wrote a book about the “Beauty of Different” and feels that we all have a superpower that we can bring to the lives of those around us.

She is swell, in my book (obviously!) If this sounds like something you’d also enjoy, look her up by clicking here!