WDS - Folks I'm excited to meet...Jen Lemen and Andrea Scher

I leave for Portland, Oregon and the World Domination Summit tomorrow! Woowhoooo!

Like I mentioned the other day, there are quite a few people that I’m excited to hear present at the summit and that I am really looking forward to meeting. I wanted to internetally (I like making up words) introduce you to a couple more of them before I leave in case you’d like to look them up as well…

These two gals always make me smile and warm my heart when I read one of their blogs. And together, they created an online program called Mondo Beyondo.

(From the Mondo Beyondo website: “What happens when you give an unspoken wish a place to become a dream come true? How do you gather the courage required to help a new found dream soar? Join seasoned dreamers Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen as together we explore Mondo Beyondo–the powerful point of view that transforms our deepest dreams into practical realities.”)

Doesn’t that sounds dreamy and beautiful? It’s a course I’ve always wanted to take (another one starts July 5th, so maybe it’s finally time, eh?) and I have heard great things about it. Check it out if that sounds up your alley!

Individually, their online spaces are super-inspiring to me as well.

Jen Lemen’s site not only holds her remarkable photographs and artwork, but also the most amazing stories and sometimes poems from the pages of her life.

Her words about what she holds dear and works towards are often haunting to me. “Pure, soft love” is a good way to describe her, I think. Sometimes I’ll skip a few weeks and then check back in on Jen’s website….and every time my heart aches from what she is writing of, what she’s experiencing. She’s raw and gentle, all the while somehow being so strong I can’t even believe it. Check her out here.

Andrea Scher has a blog called Superhero Journal. You can kinda tell the fun that she brings by the name of it, can’t you? She writes of her life happenings, of people who inspire her, of other people and links and things you should check out.

She reminds me of that one fun friend you had as a young girl…the one who you ran around with in the summertime, while you wore flowy dresses and laughed your butts off. Check her out here.

So looking forward to hearing these gals at WDS! One of the amazing things that Chris Guillebeau planned while formulating WDS is that each attendee can choose four different workshops tailored more to their interest in addition to the main hall presentations. One of my choices was to hear Jen and Andrea and I’m really looking forward to hearing these gals speak together about pursuing big dreams, the Mondo Beyondo way.