What I learned from the World Domination Summit - Part I

If you read some of my recent posts, you’ll know that I attended Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit a couple of weeks ago. It took me awhile to absorb it all and figure out exactly I wanted to share about that experience. Now that I’ve got that in mind, I’ll start here…

It was awesome: Portland, Oregon; perfect weather; held in the Portland Art Museum while there was an impressive Impressionist’s exhibit on view; 500 like-minded folks of all walks of life together; 15 or so amazing speakers on the main stage and in breakout workshops; met new friends; learned a lot; spent the three days in a constant state of inspiration and joy and a feeling of complete freedom.

Yes, it was awesome! I met and got the chance to talk with a handful of people whom I was very excited to meet; mostly the folks I wrote about prior to my trip: Karen Walrond, Chris Guillebeau, Andrea Scher, Jen Lemen, and Danielle LaPorte.

I also met a whole bunch more folks that I didn’t know yet but was also very excited to meet like: Colleen Wainwright, aka The Communicatrix, and my best trip buddies Rachna and Tracy, with whom I am still in touch with frequently now that we’re back in our hometowns. (The three of us now exchange a daily “what’s awesome about today list” via email - inspired by this guy. Counting our blessings, yes indeedy!)

In Chris’s opening speech on Saturday he said that there were 14 countries represented and that 50 people had traveled over 5000 miles to attend. He talked about the media attention the Summit was getting…you know, with a name like, “World Domination Summit”, people will ask questions. One reporter asked him about his “motivational conference” and he replied, “a motivational conference sounds like something for people whose lives suck…this is for people whose lives are awesome.”


And it’s funny, as almost everyone I told about the Summit before I left cocked their head to the side and said ,”What is the title all about?” I would always try to sum it up the best I could without having had experienced it yet.
Now, I can tell you that the World Domination Summit was a gathering of people who are trying with all our might to live our lives by our terms…unconventionally, positively, with meaning, and having the most fun we can along the way.

During the weekend, I passionately and furiously wrote notes as the speakers were on stage. In my notebook are little gems of wisdom such as:

“Do not try to develop strengths that are not yours. It will deplete you.” – Pam Slim

“Do one small thing today, for one minute, that excites you.” -Leo Babauta

“Innovation is messy and uncertain. You need to be willing to do the do-overs.” -Danielle LaPorte

“We are always in service. So, the question is…what are you serving?” – Mark Silver

“Life can be curated. You get to design it. Go make it great today. You have the power to do it.” – Karen Walrond

“Disasters really are opportunities. The only way to tell the difference between a disaster and an opportunity is to decide to make it an opportunity.” -John T. Unger

” No one will care more about your company than you do, but they will care as much as you.” -Laura Roeder

“You get paid when you solve a problem or create delight.” -Jonathan Fields

“Are you becoming the most alive version of yourself?”- Jen Lemen

And on and on for pages and pages…there were a lot of inspiring words to absorb that weekend.

We also did things like, ummm, you know, learn a Bollywood Dance!

Random! And awesome!

Another fun moment was when we all had a surprise waiting for us underneath our seats…brought to us by the ladies of Mondo Beyondo! They hand-wrote 500+ little notes for each attendee and taped them under each chair. Here is the photo of the notes received by me and by my neighbors…

And also from the Mondo Beyondo ladies came the prompt of telling our tales, and from that, the word that summed up what we felt we were after these days…(Sharpies were passed around and the whole room tattoo’ed themselves on their body part of choice)…

And with that, I’ll explain my word and what I gained most of all from WDS in the next post.