WDS - Folks I'm excited to meet...Danielle LaPorte

About to jump on the second plane to get me to WDS! Yeehaaaawww!

Last up in the “person speaking at the World Domination Summit whom I can’t wait to thank for how they inspire me” series…

Danielle LaPorte!

I’ve written before about Danielle LaPorte…back when this website was fairly newish and I was telling the story of how my husband and partner, Jon Haidet, and I started Hazel Tree Interiors. You can read the whole story about that starting here if you’d like. The installment of the story that talks about how Danielle helped me redirect some key stuff and focus my business in a very-Karen direction is here.

I mean it when I say that of all the people I am most looking forward to meeting this weekend, it’s Danielle. Because of my experience with one of her Fire Starter Session‘s that she held with me less than two years ago, my business is soaring, and so am I. I can’t wait to thank her in person. :)

Note: in March 2011, Danielle retired said Fire Starter Sessions, so there isn’t much info on that link that tells what they were. In a nutshell, I had an hour on the phone with Danielle, after she had pre-asked and I had pre-answered a series of “burning questions” about my work. Brilliant stuff. Deep questions. During the session, I took mad notes as we talked. Afterwards, she emailed a copy of the audio file for reference. I started taking her advice on many levels. Business is gooooooood. )

Ever since I came across Danielle’s website www.whitehottruth.com way back when – and especially since my Fire Starter Session with her- I have enjoyed following Danielle’s words and opinions online. As I mentioned, my business has benefitted greatly from her helping heart. And a lot of my friends in Akron and elsewhere have also enjoyed her perspective online. She is honest, extremely focused, right to the point, sassy as all get out, and always encouraging people to go deeper through love and understanding. Here’s the link again to check out her site if that all sounds as nourishing to you as it has been to me.

In closing…the reason I have been telling you all about some of these folks this week– Danielle, Chris, Karen, Jen, and Andrea – is to introduce you to some really amazing people out in the world and share them with all of you if you’re interested. The handful of people mentioned above are honestly really helpful to me in my everyday life – even if it’s just from reading their words via blog posts, tweets, or facebook statuses. They inspire me to think differently about what’s going on, to act and speak more openly, and to always try to make a positive change in my nook of the world. They are my tribe.

And there are plenty more folks like them that I will get to see at the summit. If you are interested in reading about even more people like the ones I’ve been writing about this week, you can see the entire lineup of presenters by clicking here. You can also get to the homepage of the WDS website to see all 500ish personal WDS dispatch pages of the attendees from across the globe by clicking here.

And with that – after waiting nine months for it to get here- I am off to Portland and the World Domination Summit!

Peace and love and world changing thoughts to you!
And, as Chris Guillebeau signs his emails…”Keep Rockin’ the Universe!”

xoxo, Karen