Before & After - Susan's desk chair

Good morning, Beautiful!

Somebody told me yesterday that they wished I would share more Before & After shots of the many things we redesign. And I realized when they said this that I haven’t done one of these posts in a loooooong time. So, here’s our most recent redesigned element – in the form of Before & After shots!

One of our “pickers”, Tony, brought us this chair about a month ago. Boy, was this baby tired! Whatever cat loved this chair, REALLY loved this chair. It was a scratching post!
Anyways, when Tony saw the lines of it, he thought we might like to do something with it so he brought it by. So glad he did!

And then very soon after, we were talking with one of our clients, Susan, about what chair would sit behind the desk we were having designed for her Master Bedroom, and…well, this happened! It’s so very…Susan!

Just a tad different from when we started.