Akron's next cool new store - The Bomb Shelter

A really cool, new store is having its Grand Opening this Friday, August 5th - right here in Akron!

Over the past handful of months, we’ve been watching our friends, Kevin and Damon, work on opening the storefront retail end of their business, The Bomb Shelter!

They have all sorts of things for sale. (Think the show “American Pickers” meets the high-style thrift store of your dreams.) And Friday is the official open-to-the-public celebration to unveil their 12,000 s.f. warehouse for their buy/sell/trade awesome-finds-store!

We couldn’t be happier for them - for two reasons!

First, as an interior designer who is always looking for ways to work existing pieces and materials into her work, I couldn’t be happier that a store like this now exists here! Over the past year especially, I have been a big cheerleader for anyone considering a business that peddles the stuff around us that most consider waste. The more existing stuff we buy, the less new stuff gets manufactured. Also, the more existing, old stuff we see the potential in to rework or redesign, the more local artisans and craftspeople thrive. It’s function meeting art! Environmentally, that’s where my money’s at.

Second, these are friends of ours in business. We look out for each other and help each other with whatever we’ve got going on. That type of got-your-backness is a beautiful thing for a small business.

We hope you can come on out Friday to see this amazing place and support a great, new local business!