Holidays at Hazel Tree, 2011 - Unconventional Christmas Trees

Here’s another example. I have no idea who made this one…I bought it at Stagecoach Antiques many moons ago and it looks to be about 50 years old. The stacked wood tree is everyone’s favorite decoration when they come over to our home during the holidays. You can twist and turn each piece to create all sorts of new designs.

So I had this idea…

And then I thought of it again a while later…

And then when it came up yet again in conversation with a customer about a month ago, I felt it was time to go ahead and make the room for it to happen…

Here it is:

During the holiday season of 2011 (for us that is 11/19-12/23), we will be selling all sorts of locally-made versions of:

Unconventional Christmas Trees

An Unconventional Christmas Tree is described here as:

  • A smaller-scale, stand-alone, Christmas tree decoration. It is made to be small enough for a table top, a bay window sill, or a mantel.
  • It is in the shape of a pine tree but it is not made of traditional artificial tree materials – it is made in the medium of choice of each participating artist.
  • It is made by a Northeast Ohioan.
  • It is made for anyone who would love a tree that looks fabulous standing alone and doesn’t require any more than taking it out of storage each year and plunking it down in its spot.
  • Tree interpretations are self-contained pieces of holiday decor-meets-art.
  • It could light up. Or not.
  • Each is no bigger than 36″ high x 18″ wide and no smaller than 6″ high.

So, what do you think? We think we may be on to something quite fabulous here! I have spoken with quite a few local artists about this idea and they are excited to create their spin on this theme.

A few more tidbits:

  • One of the things we’d like to do alongside this theme is donate a portion of each sale to the artist’s charity of choice.
  • We’ll do a holiday open house/art opening to unveil the trees on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, 11/19. The open house will be held from 11:00-5:00. There will be food, drink, and merriment…as always! To check out the facebook event for the open house, click here.
  • Any interested local artists who’d like to make a piece (or two, max) along this theme to sell in the gallery, please email me via the contact page.

Below is an example of what one unconventional tree looked like. This tree/candelabra was made of welded bike chains and miscellaneous metal parts by artist, Red.

So, there’s our big holiday idea! Please pass this post along to anyone that may be interested in this and help spread the word! Thank you.