Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

We are starting a new “thing” here at Hazel Tree. In our constant effort to utilize all of our resources to their fullest extent, we have started making mirrors out of picture frame remnants. Often times these remnants that are left over from custom jobs sit in the cutting room until they get used in another custom frame (which rarely happens) or they get damaged and have to be discarded (a much more likely scenario). We have come up with a third option. We are turning them into mirrors. Some are small that can be used as accent pieces and some are a bit larger that could be used in bathrooms, bedrooms or hallways. We price these to sell. They will most likely range from $15 for the small ones and $75 for the larger mirrors. It’s also worth mentioning that we can make custom mirrors as well. If you have a specific size or style requirement, we can select the perfect frame and cut it to exactly fit your space. And the price won’t break the bank either. When you get a mirror at a big chain retailer you are probably going to have to make some style compromises. Getting exactly what you want is always a better value. If a mirror is something that you’re looking for, please stop in and check out all the options. I am always happy to price out as many different options as you like.

Jon Haidet