Two years ago today, the idea for Hazel Tree Interiors was born!

Two years ago today, on the first sunny Spring-like day of the year, the idea for what is now Hazel Tree Interiors was born!

Some of you have heard this story along the way...but here goes for those who haven't. :)

March 7, 2010...we woke up happy and wanting to celebrate! We had just wrapped up a very important career path week. The launch of the website for my first redesign consulting business, Karen Starr ReDesign, had just taken place on March 1. As the week went along, we got increasingly excited as more and more new client calls and emails came rolling in. We had worked so hard to get that site off the ground in the many months prior. We had also been on the hunt for office space outside our home for awhile, as it was finally time to find a store front for our framing and interior redesign businesses. All of that swirled together was definitely reason to celebrate!

That morning was a glorious mix of sweet satisfaction after many months of very hard work and amazing early-March warm weather when the sun was shining and winter was almost over. The Staidets (as our friends call us) planned to celebrate that day with kiddo in a very Staidet-sort-of-way...we decided to go bowling!

Before we headed out the door, I had an epiphany. I ran downstairs to tell Jon my idea. I said, "We don't have to keep looking for just an office space for merging our design and framing businesses together...we can open the retail store portion now!" (Which we thought was YEARS down the road). "We can do it now if we ask local artisans to place their items for sale in a retail space on consignment at first! We don't have to stock a store full of inventory! Let's change our focus from seeking out smaller offices spaces and look for a bigger space to sell the stuff we've been designing for my clients!"

Jon agreed that we should consider thinking about it this way - so we decided that morning to open our eyes toward bigger spaces so we could house a third component in the retail store to what our eventual new merged business would be.

So we went bowling, went to Kreiger's for groceries and to get kiddo her first popsicle of the year, then ran into the the owner of our current location in the parking lot! Three hours after the fully-realized idea for our ideal business and store came to me, the perfect location appeared without skipping a beat.

A few days later we were shaking hands over the deal, and four months later, Hazel Tree Interiors opened for business.

Needless to say, I will have a soft-spot for and huge gratitude towards March 7th's for the rest of my life.

Happy March 7th to you! Love and gratitude goes out to all of our friends, old and new, that have supported us along the way in some fashion. Because of you, Hazel Tree Interiors just keeps growing!



P.S. Save the date of 5/5...tune in next week for why!