Help support the work of Keep Akron Beautiful - Dreamscape raffle tickets on sale here!

Help a great organization keep the vibrant colors of their city Flowerscapes going again this year!
Raffle tickets for Keep Akron Beautiful's $10,000 Dreamscape Raffle are on sale now at Hazel Tree Interiors.

Do you know that Keep Akron Beautiful is who we have to thank every year for the 40 colorful Flowerscape locations across our fair city? The program started in 1982 with seven Flowerscape sites and since its inception, Keep Akron Beautiful has planted over 1 million flowers. This one program certainly makes Akron a more colorful place to live throughout the year.

As with any big effort, all of those flowers have a cost. Last year the over 41,000 flowers that were planted cost more than $21,000. So, each year they hold the Dreamscape Raffle, specifically to help fund the Flowerscape program. Raffle tickets are on sale at Hazel Tree Interiors, or online at

The tickets will place you in a drawing to win a $10,000 landscaping makeover for your front or back yard! Tickets are $25 each and five for $100 - with only 1,500 tickets being sold, so the odds are very good. Every dollar of the proceeds will go to fund the Flowerscape program.

Please consider helping out this great organization by purchasing tickets, either at Hazel Tree or online at KAB's website.

And who knows, you may end up beautifying your very own little corner of Akron!