Michael McAlear

Today's artist spotlight is on Michael McAlear. Michael is a self taught artist that makes art out of old or discarded objects. Some of his art even goes beyond that and into using what others would deem completely useless. Michael often makes art out of metal so rusted that it is almost to the point of being desintegrated, but not quite.

He is also a gifted carpenter. A mid 19th century barn was recently torn down on the property where his house sits and he was given access to some of the wood from that barn. He is making wine racks, tables, benches and whatever else he can dream up. The wood is extremely hard and weathered and he utilizes the original joining pegs and hardware in some of his designs.

Michael's work opitimizes our philosophy here at Hazel Tree. Respect for the beauty and quality of things of  the past and utilizing as many materials that already exist as possible. He has been with us from the begining and we hope he always will be, because we absolutely love his work.