What we mean by "custom designs"

This week we installed a custom kitchen table in a client's house. This table started as most custom designs do...as a simple sketch on a piece of paper.

Sketches like that are often accompanied by a series of sweeping hand gestures and descriptive words, as we start the process of pulling an idea from someone's head and turning it into a physical reality.

The table here was co-designed by me, my client, and Dominic Falcione - our most trusted functional art craftsman. Dominic took our input, then designed and rendered a few options. After this design and those materials were selected, he fabricated what you see here.

I think the thing that brings me the most joy are pieces like this that are custom-designed for my clients.
It is such a beautiful collaborative process, and it brings us great joy to introduce clients to our trusted local artisans like Dominic, who then become part of the design process with us.

Thanks, Dominic! Another gorgeous (and crisp!) job well done!