The "Befores" and "Afters" of a former not-so-functional kitchen



The kitchen design of the West Akron home started like all asking, "What should we keep and work into the new design?"

Sometimes, the answer for homeowners is: "Nothing. Let's start over."

This kitchen was one that had so many undesirable things for the way the homeowners wanted was laid out poorly with the last update, decades prior; the cabinetry was in really tired shape; the unnecessary soffits the previous owners added around the perimeter of the room really shortened the space, the tile was really hard to live with; and on and on.

So we did this to it! Ta Daaaahh!

My favorite elements are:

* The exposed can see in the Before Picture below, that to the right of the refrigerator, the "after" brick area previously had shallow cabinets built in front of it. The brick is the back of the Living Room fireplace, and we were overjoyed to find it was so beautifully done way back when! (I personally crawled up on top of the refrigerator with a flashlight and my camera to see what was behind there! Fun!)
* The door to the dining room switched from the back left of the kitchen to the back right. It opened up so many more possibilities for the cabinet layout by doing this.
* The smokey teal spots of quartz that were woven throughout the granite were just stunning. We had never seen a stone like it. Those little spots became our inspiration for the wall color.