A Designer's Touch for Akron's Christmas Tree

Hazel Tree Design Studio is known for their authentic, Akron-centric designs, strong community involvement and now, for curating and decorating Akron’s largest Christmas Tree, which was lit at the Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony on Fri. Nov. 27, 2017.

Located at the Lock 3 Park in downtown Akron, the Hazel Tree Interior team, Karen Starr and her husband, Jon Haidet, along with their employee Chelsea Uhl utilized more than 120 strings of white lights, of all sizes, as well as hundreds of repurposed and new ornaments to bring the Christmas tree to life for the city.

“At Hazel Tree, we create unique designs for our clients, balancing doses of new energy- efficient items, used and repurposed pieces,” shares Karen Starr. “We took the same approach with this one-of-a-kind tree and went through boxes of past tree decorations in the basement of the City building searching for ones that matched our vision.”

“We’ve created a blend of historical touches and fresh, new displays to create a tree that’s unique, beautiful, and fit for our city.”