Hazel Tree Workshop, 4th Floor: Hazel Tree Gets a Dreamy New Workshop Space


You may have seen the pictures of our new Hazel Tree Workshop that we've shared on Facebook and Instagram. We are so excited to have this additional space inside Bounce Innovation Hub in downtown Akron!

This space will serve as our mission control for our interior design of the Bounce Generator, which is the first floor co-working space, event space, cafe and maker-space opening in 2019.

Our workshop will also serve as flex space for when we need room to spread out and create for our own art installation projects or creative endeavors, and we hope to also share this beautiful space with our artist friends.

Here's a picture of what the workshop looked like when we first got it:


Here's another photo (in addition to the first photo above) of what it looks like now, with a fresh coat of paint.


Also, check out the interesting geometric shadows cast on the walls by the workshop windows!


We also noticed some really cool reflections on the building next door, but their source is still a mystery...


These reflections likely came from something on the roof, but we'd never noticed them before because it was our first time spending the entire morning in the workshop.  

It's so neat to think about reflective art made from the sun. Seeing this gave us some interesting ideas on how to play with reflection and shadows in our designs. 

This is a great example of how, without even meaning to, arts and sciences can inspire each other in this business incubator building.

We will be blogging about the Bounce Innovation Hub Generator project as we go, so watch for the progress updates!