Photo by Shane Wynn

Photo by Shane Wynn

Meet Chelsea Uhl


Chelsea Uhl is a 2013 graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. She cut her teeth as Visual Merchandiser at Sterling Jeweler’s for two and a half years, then embarked on freelance design to explore and hone her skills with textiles and other artistic pursuits.

Chelsea joined the team at Hazel Tree Interiors in February 2017, where her passion for holistic design that incorporates elements of health and well-being have dovetailed nicely with Karen Starr’s community-focused approach.

The collaborative atmosphere at Hazel Tree has allowed Chelsea to develop a design approach that focuses on each client’s day-to-day needs, including elements of artistic joy and overall health. “As we’re going through the design process, many questions float through my mind as I analyze if a spatial arrangement is really the best solution for that space so that the client can have the most positive experience.” The goal is always to shape a space into an ultra-customized environment that appeals to all the senses and will elevate the client’s enjoyment of life.

Chelsea’s creative process has found new spark at Hazel Tree, with so many local artists, furniture makers and artisans infusing the studio with creative projects and energy every day. “I love that we include local talent and creativity into our projects. It shapes a space in such a special way that I always feel so fulfilled after a project is complete and you walk away knowing that you provided opportunities for artists and designers of all ages.” Likewise, her talent and fresh perspective bring new life to an already vibrant artistic space. We know you’ll enjoy working with Chelsea to bring your vision into reality.